1.8E Headers and Beams
1.8E LVL Flyer
1.5E Headers and Beams
1.5E Product Line
1.5E LVL Flyer
1.5E Design Values
1.5E Floor Beams
1- & 2-story Garage Door Headers
1- & 2-story Window & Patio Door Headers
Floor Loads 100%
Roof Snow Loads 115%
Roof Non-snow Loads 125%
1 ¼” Stair Stringers
Handling & Installation

PWLVL Headers & Beams Limit States Design User's Guide
Hi-Clear II - Treated Engineered Wood Product Warranty
APA - Moisture, Storage, and Handling - Best Practices
LVL (Material) Safety Data Sheet
1.5E Rim Boards
1.5E 1-1/4" Rim Board
PW LVL Dimension, Studs, & Columns
Tall Wall Studs
2.0E Columns

Details and Assemblies
Framing Connectors
Bearing Details
Bearing Length Requirements
Hole Details
Multiple-ply Beam Assembly
How to Use the Side-load Table

Green Building
APA Green Verification Report GR-L233
PWT Chain of Custody and Label Use Certificate
Drilling, sawing, sanding or machining wood products generates wood dust, a substance known to the state of California to cause cancer, Avoid inhaling wood dust or use a dust mask or safeguards for personal protection.

California Health and Safety Code Section 24249.6