Florida Product Approval 39762

PWT Treated LVL Product Report

At Pacific Woodtech we’re driven by making the best even better, which is what we’ve done with our newest, boldest product – PWT Treated. We now exclusively offer the world’s first manufacturer-treated LVL – and an exciting new era in engineered decking solutions.

APA Product Report PR-L316 (Scaffold Plank)

PWT LVL Scaffold Planks are laminated veneer lumber scaffold planks made in accordance with the in-plant manufacturing standard approved by APA. PWT LVL Scaffold Planks are available in thicknesses of at least 1-1/2 inches, and a range of widths and lengths.

CCMC 13006-R

ICC-ES/APA Joint Evaluation Report ESR-2909

APA Product Report PR-L233