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Pacific Woodtech planks are built to be safe, strong, and cost-effective.

Our plank meets the highest standards—Department of Defense specifications—and is used in
many applications, such as power plants and refineries, just to name a few. Each plank is proof-tested
and embossed to ensure that critical safety standards are met and made in the USA, so you know you
are in good hands.

Simply a better alternative. Through advances in technology and design, there is a better choice—
Pacific Woodtech LVL scaffold plank. It is simply a better alternative than traditional sawn lumber.

Safer, stronger, stiffer, and more uniform walking surfaces means more predictable planks,
resulting in a safer work environment. Compared to traditional plank, Pacific Woodtech scaffold plank
can support heavier loads over conventional solid-sawn lumber.

Reliable. Each piece is proof tested, meets OSHA standards, and is certified by APA.

Pacific Woodtech adheres to the highest quality-control standards and implements the toughest performance testing. It just doesn’t get any better.

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