Pacific Woodtech’s

Mike St. John Scholarship Program

Pacific Woodtech is pleased to announce its 2019 Scholarship Program.
Eligible students seeking higher education or training are encouraged to apply.
Several $1,000 scholarships are available!


Eligible student is the dependent child of a full-time Pacific Woodtech employee and must be enrolled as a full-time student in an undergraduate program at time of payment.

Applicant must be accepted, and attending in Fall 2019, a North Amerian-based university, college, technical school, or vocational school.

Interested applicants must submit an online application which includes a written essay.
Applications are due by Friday, May 17, 2019.​

Other Information

Scholarship awards will be announced by May 31, 2019
Funds will be made payable to the university, college, community college or technical trade institute AND the qualified student (a joint check) at the beginning of the student’s academic school year.


Dependent Child is a child of an employee, under 25 years of age and dependent for support on the full-time continuing employee. Age restriction of 25 years does not apply to a physically or mentally disabled dependent in which this condition existed before age 25 years. The following dependents are eligible for tuition reimbursement:

  • Children of the employee
  • Stepchildren of the employee
  • Adopted children of the employee

Program of study means a program of study leading to a first undergraduate degree and which does not require prior undergraduate preparation.


Pacific Woodtech Corporation offers financial assistance for the education of dependent children of eligible employees. Pacific Woodtech Corporation shall establish annually a fixed sum of money available for such scholarships. Should the eligible applications for scholarship exceed the funds available under this program, then the Scholarship Committee will establish and apply selection criteria to award the scholarships.

For the dependent children of employees who are pursuing a full-time post-secondary program of study, this benefit takes effect with the first full school year after the continuing full-time employee has completed one year of service with Pacific Woodtech Corporation.

Upon request, an employee must produce any supporting documentation requested by the company to show that the dependent child meets the criteria set forth in this program.

Benefit Amount

If approved for admission to a post-secondary institution, dependent children of full-time employees may apply for a scholarship award. Dependent children of staff are eligible to receive a tuition scholarship valued at up to $1,000 per school year. Eligible schools include Universities, Colleges (including community colleges) and Technical Trade Institutes. The scholarship is available for a maximum of four years. The value of the scholarship does not change in instances where the student is the dependent of more than one employee. The employee must have been accepted to and enrolled in the post secondary institution. The scholarship does not apply to dependent children who study on a part-time basis.